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The Graduate School

Program Previews

Program Previews

Find out how an Otterbein University graduate degree can help you advance your career. Contact an advisor below for more information:

Department Contact Email Phone

Allied Health (MSAH) Patty Hohlbein phohlbein
(614) 823-1095

Business (MBA) Eric Lloyd elloyd
(614) 823-1445

Education (MAE) Amy
(614) 823-3271

Education (MAT
+ Teacher Licensure)
Gaby Miller gmiller
(614) 823-1346

Educational Mathematics
- (MAEM)
(614) 823-3271

Nursing (MSN) Dorothy Crider dcrider
(614) 823-3272

Nursing Doctorate (DNP) Dorothy Crider dcrider
(614) 823-3272


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/ Personnel

Barbara Schaffner
p/ 614.823.1735
e/ bschaffner@otterbein.edu

Kate Carey
Associate Dean
p/ 614.823.3209
e/ kcarey@otterbein.edu

Terry Magas
Assistant to the Dean
p/ 614.823.3274
e/ tmagas@otterbein.edu

Gaby Miller
Graduate Education Recruiter/Counselor MAT
p/ 614.823.1346
e/ gmiller@otterbein.edu

Dorothy Crider

Graduate Nursing Admission Recruiter/Counselor
p/ 614.823.3272
e/ dcrider@otterbein.edu

Amy Featherstone
Graduate Education and MAEM Recruiter/Counselor MAE
p/ 614.823.3271
e/ afeatherstone@otterbein.edu

Patricia Hohlbein
MBA and Allied Health Program Recruiter
p/ 614.823.1095
e/ phohlbein@otterbein.edu

Deb Williams
Admission and Data Management Coordinator
p/ 614.823.3270
e/ dwilliams@otterbein.edu